Video about Millicent Armstrong – for Gunning Arts Festival (online) 2020

I am sharing a short film which provides a good intro to Millicent Armstrong and her work, and was filmed outside a typical Aussie bush hut. The link is:

Please let the video fully load before starting playback. To save you slow buffering of the video, please go to settings wheel on the right hand side of the playback screen (see the below pic). Select 720p or lower if you have poor internet, and it should playback without stopping. If you have a whizzbang setup, then you could opt for a higher setting.

Please excuse the rudimentary technical work on the video. Shot by myself, on my smartphone, and edited in iMovie on the weekend, which I’d never used till last Friday. I won’t be entering into any short film festivals, that’s for sure. I also created the soundtrack, including the piano work, and the birdsong soundtrack at the end, which was the dawn chorus on the weekend at Gunning. The cockatoos crashed the party on the day, as I recorded video & audio simultaneously on the smartphone. Had to do shots in between the sound of my neighbours power tools. 🙂

I am hosting a q and a this Saturday at 1.30pm, during the Gunning Arts Festival online. It is free and by registration via FB. Here is the link if you’d like to join in on the Zoom session:

I will send the Zoom link once I have registrants booked in. Max of 15 participants. If you haven’t used Zoom before, let me know, and I’ll include instructions in your confirmation email.