Greta – song & video

This short film has been created as a way to help people talk about the various issues we face. We need to talk about how we use our water, what to do to improve the health of our soil, why we need to maintain biodiversity, and how we must quickly move away from such heavy reliance on fossil fuels. It is also a personal response to the way young people, protesting climate change, have been treated by many in the mainstream media, by politicians and some of the general public. I want to support these young people to have as strong a voice as possible. They have a very serious stake in what the future might hold.
I wrote the song setting in late 2019 as a response to Greta Thunberg’s arresting speech to the UN. It had such strength, and her phrasing was so musical, I couldn’t resist. I created an initial accompaniment track at home in Gunning. Then my vocals were recorded at Old Binda Road Studios, Crookwell, in August 2020, by Stephen Lindsay. He added loads of great detail into the track, giving it a great deal of personality and drama.
To make the film, without any funding, was a challenge. But I called for expressions of interest from within my studio, and those in the film answered that call. They gave their time and skills, and I engaged a great colleague, Miguel Gallagher, to shoot and edit the film. We had a (long) one day shoot, which ran like clockwork in all the beautiful Canberra locations.
Here we are with the finished film, ready to share it through all our networks. We’d like to see it featured at festivals, or events, as well as sharing on social media.
The film is on youtube, and can be shared from the link there.
If anyone is keen to show the film at a festival or event, please email me.

Crank up the volume – and make sure you buffer the video before watching.