Music Theatre Projects Ltd – “creating works and creating work”




Launching in 2020, Dianna is setting up Music Theatre Projects Ltd.

Big thanks go to artsACT who are supporting the incorporation phase of this new professional producing entity. It will operate from The Oak in Dickson, where Dianna has her private coaching studio.

Dianna has chosen a fairly generic name as it is an umbrella rather than a brand, with the following brief:  

  • Creating works: raising the necessary resources to develop new works (which could, over time, include theatre, music theatre, film, TV projects), producing the creative developments of said works, producing full productions, providing an umbrella to (carefully) selected unincorporated entities who are producing work
  • Creating work: the company intends to create paid work for artists, creatives, crew and other key personnel, and be fully professional (what that looks like will be very modest initially and scale up over time, though remain project-based)

Ambitious? Yes indeed.

We’ll do a soft launch early in 2020 at The Street Theatre. More info soon.