Estill Voice Training at The Oak Jan 2020

Estill Levels 1 & 2 Voice training came to to Canberra again in January 2020. A very diverse group worked 5 days fulltime with Naomi Eyers (Essential Voice) at The Oak in Dickson, and came out the other end with a huge amount of knowledge and awareness. Here we are with Liz Tilley (Liz Tilley Coaching) who, after a long career in the media and now in executive coaching, found much that was of great value in the course. As usual, half the course (or more?) were people who are training with WVMT. It is so wonderful to share this journey with them all as I, too, keep learning about voice from the great Estill Master Teachers, as well as from a whole range of materials, resources and masters in their field. My goal is to train a cohort who: – have shared vocabulary regarding voice and performance, – are multidisciplinary, – have a love of lifetime learning, – are able to work in a range of genres and contexts, and – who care about the future of our industry and our world.